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Jersey Shore Wedding at The Breakers on The Ocean - Spring Lake, NJ, Photographer

As we enter into what we in the wedding industry call "engagement season" - aka, the holiday season which also happens to be the time when many couples take the leap and get engaged, I'd like to #tbt to a beautiful, sunny, September day, when a number of family and friends joined together to celebrate the marriage of Cathy and Kevin.  

Cathy reached out to me in May, regarding her wedding.  I didn't know it then, but I later found out that I was the only vendor aside from the venue that she really had picked out on her own.  For photographers and other members of the wedding industry, it is one of the highest honors to be booked for weddings based off of the creativity we are able to bring to the table, not just the cost of the service we provide.  

Cathy and Kevin are a fun loving, easy kind of couple; if you look around a room, it's not hard to spot the two of them having a good time, and looking in love.  Their family and friends were there to celebrate, and it was great to see that even Cathy's dad could get up and bust a few moves!  The wedding was originally planned to be at Kevin's mom's home in Spring Lake, but they soon found themselves booking the Seashell Room at The Breakers on The Ocean, and it couldn't have been more lovely!  

The photos from this day, are the very definition of why I decided to get into wedding photography.  You'll see lots of detail photos, and ceremony photos, and really awesome portraits of Cathy and Kevin, but pay special attention to the big family group photos... When you get to see a family having a good time, laughing and being silly, that's the good stuff.

Shoutout to my second shooter for the day, Marianne Bley, for being awesome that day!