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Who Are We?


A Creative, reliable, moment-capturing photography boutique:


Focused on providing excellent service, producing breathtaking, timeless photos, and consistently raising the community standards of photography.

These are the moments that we will remember for the rest of our lives, and they are meant to be shared: seeing our future life partner for the first time at the end of an aisle, kissing the toes of a newly born baby, celebrating the lives of children and our own.  Kaylyn Ivy Photography is a business that specializes in capturing these moments and more, creatively, taking a photojournalistic approach to create timeless photos that you will want share for years to come.  

Providing excellent service on some of the most important days of your life, is something I work for relentlessly.  I work tirelessly to make sure the shoot is fun, and well managed.  During the shoot, there will be a constant flow of communication (and quite possibly joking around and laughter), to make sure that you are comfortable, happy, and having a good time, which will translate to the end product becoming something you will cherish for years to come.  The best smiles are the natural ones, and I put forward my best efforts to make sure I capture them.

I am part of a community that is striving to work together to provide a better client experience.  The Rising Tide Society recognizes that in the past, that there has been a discord among creative vendors, and we are working together to provide better experiences for our clients.  This means building strong, communicative relationships with vendors like Videographers, DJs, Calligraphers, Venues, Planners, etc., to work together in a way that benefits our couples.  It is believing that "A Rising Tide lifts all boats"  and that by working together and building a stronger community, everyone wins.

What does that mean for you?   It means that you are investing in a business that is not only focused on perfecting their craft to take beautiful photos that capture hands-down the most important moments of your life, but that Kaylyn Ivy Photography is a business that puts the client first.  

Are you interested in booking your wedding, event, or family shoot with Kaylyn Ivy Photography?  I'd love to meet you at your local coffee shop or over video chat to talk about the process and all that is involved!  Contact me at kaylynivyphotography@gmail.com to learn more!


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