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Gorgeous Jersey Shore Baptism - Spring Lake, NJ Photographer

A few weeks ago, I got to meet and shoot the baptism of quite possibly the sweetest baby girl I have ever had the pleasure of working for.  This little girl got baptized a few weeks ago, and remained not only content, but happy the whole time!  
I can't help but gush over these photos, and not just because of how beautiful the skies and the smiles look, but because of what this event meant to this family.  The baptism was non-denominational, and the officiant was wise, and happy to explain each artifact that was used during the ceremony, including his bowl, which was made of broken pieces of china, and the seaglass that resided in the baptismal bowl.  The part that hit me most, and this is coming from how I was raised and the experiences I grew up with, was something that Caroline's mother said that I overheard.  The officiant shared beliefs with Caroline's parents, including the idea that you don't necessarily need to be in Church to feel God's presence.  Now, if you are not religious, or of a different faith than I am, bear with me, I mean no harm, but for me, the moments I felt the most spiritual was when I was loving on others, spending time with family, and giving back to my community.  Whether you share the same faith as me or not, I was always raised that being a good person and living to help others was most important, and everything else was gravy.

That all said, I now leave you with this happy, beautiful family on this lovely day.  Congrats to Caroline and her family!