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Kimberley and Eric!

I met Kim when I was a sophomore in college, and we became fast, but very close friends.  We spent many days talking outside of where she worked, about anything and everything.  She knew everything about me and still didn't run away, and through an odd sequence of events, is the reason Mick and I came to be.  After Mick and I began dating, she even came to know Mick's friend Eric, and they started dating, on July 23 of 2012.  Eric is such a sweet guy, and a great friend that I am so glad Kim found. 

I was so excited to get Kim and Eric in front of my camera, they're so much fun and I knew that would come through in their pictures.  I also got to bring the hubby along as my camera bag holder, which added to the laughter, and helped us create some memories that we won't forget!