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Lizzy and Phil Tie the Knot

When I started dating my now hubby, I knew he came with a larger family than most, but I wasn't aware of just how large it was.  I learned about the Quantz family, and the role they played in Mick's life.  Little would I know, the role they would soon play in mine.  I did not get to meet some of the Quantz family until Lizzy and Phil's wedding, Lizzy and Phil included, but by the time I showed up to their wedding, it felt like I had known them my whole life too.  

When I first told Mick that I would be taking pictures at Lizzy and Phil's wedding, he told me that I would be taking pictures of a Miracle.  You see, Lizzy had been told at a very young age, that she might not see her wedding day.  The amazing thing with Lizzy is that not only did she make it, she did so with grace, and a beautiful, contagious smile.  The even more awesome part of the day: For as blushing as the bride was, there was an even MORE excited Groom.    Someone asked me recently, what my favorite part of weddings is, and I immediately knew my answer, especially after this wedding.  It's one thing for a bride to be excited, but when there's a groom who glows  talking about his bride, well, it doesn't get much better than that.

The wedding took place at Lizzy's parents house.  She wore her Aunt's beautiful dress, all of the meals were homemade - down to the cake, and the flowers came from their garden.  All of the details were as beautiful as they were so very sentimental, and I was so honored to be able to take photos of the memories made that day.