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The Ellisons are wed in Spring Lake, NJ! | The Spring Lake Manor | Spring Lake Photographer | NJ Photographer

If you read my last post about this couple, you'd know that the Ellisons are people that you don't come across every day. Last year, when I photographed their engagement session, it was very shortly after finding out that my dad had a strain of genetic stomach cancer, and would need a full gastrectomy. While they offered to postpone the session so that my family could take the time it needed to figure out life as we know were knowing it, I was glad to photograph such a happy and fun couple. 

The Ellisons got married a few weeks ago, and upon meeting their family and friends, I knew that they were a group of people who worked to lift each other up. Truly good people, who live in love and laughter, and I couldn't help but to feel grateful that Krista and John found me last year as they prepared for their day. We celebrated the beautiful sunny day, with a ceremony by a gazebo in Belmar, took photos on the beach, and got to watch Krista and John party the night away. You'll see that at night time we got some very awesome sparkler photos, but what you won't see is that as we were getting ready to go out to photograph them, John took a second to ask how my dad was (you read that right, at night, during his WEDDING reception, this guy took a few seconds to ask about MY family). I said it before, and I will say it again, these are not people you come across every day. These two and their family and friends were such a blast, but I will remember for a long time the way that they thought of others, even during "Their" moments. 

Congratulations to the Ellisons on their wonderful wedding day! Special thanks to Marianne Bley for second shooting with me that day!!