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Spring Lake, NJ Wedding at the St. Catherine's and the Spring Lake Bath and Tennis Club | Spring Lake Photographer | NJ Wedding Photography

As you may know, occasionally I am granted the wonderful gift of second shooting with some awesome photographers. Second shooting has always been a great opportunity to learn something new under someone whose passion for the craft you respect. There is always going to be something new to learn, or a different way to shoot something that you can only come across while working with others. For the wedding I am about to show you, I was again working with my good friend Spring Whitaker, on an awesome local wedding. It was a packed house at the Spring Lake Bath and Tennis Club, and I don't think St. Catherine's Church has ever looked so pretty, but among the probably 200 guests in attendance to the wedding, it was very clear that this couple positively impacted not only the lives of those who were there that day, but the community at large.

I hope you enjoy looking through this wedding, and am happy to answer any and all questions about weddings with Kaylyn Ivy Photography, or how to get the booking process started!

Okay, these kids are super cute, but got caught planning their big move! While everyone was distracted, they found themselves, and their wedding day khakis, in the ocean!