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December and Tim are Engaged (Finally!!)

Readers beware, due to the relationship I have with these two, this will be a longer post.  I met December when she decided to wait for me one day before our science class our freshman year in high school.  We both still don't know WHY she decided to wait for me that day, but she did, and we immediately became friends.  Throughout the next four years, not only did we become best friends, but we were inseperable.  We knew EVERYTHING about each other, and truly balanced each other out.  

When I said before that we knew everything about each other, that really means everything, whatever there was going on - boys, family, you name it, we knew it.  That being said, when December first started telling me about this guy Tim, I knew things were different.  They started dating in 2007 - our Junior year in high school.  I first met Tim when they were headed to the Scottish Rite Theater for a Phil Vassar concert, which ironically was where they will be getting married in November of 2015.

When I started to get to know Tim, I noticed something really interesting.  In a similar way that December and I were so opposite, but balanced each other out, they were perfect for each other.  As they say, the peanut-butter to jelly, and ying to the yang, it may be corny, but their differences complimented each other, and I couldn't have asked for someone better for my best friend.  

December and Tim have had a long journey to get to where they are today, and sometimes it was against all odds that they made it, but their relationship is so strong and so beautiful today because of it.  When I got the call from December, that Tim had proposed, I saw her name on the caller ID and I just knew that it had finally happened.  

Two weeks ago, we took some engagement pictures, and I am SO excited to share them with you.  We took beautiful engagement shots first, and then followed it with a paint war!  I hope you enjoy these as much as I did!